Landlord Extra Protection Insurance

In the process of investing in residential property you should consider insurance as one of your priorities. Insurance is required for a variety of reasons and purposes and you should have the right protection on your valuable investment.

Five Dock Realty, in conjunction with Honan Insurance Brokers, have the facility to offer Landlord Extra Protection Insurance which has features and benefits tailored to suit your needs.


The policy pays for loss of rent caused by:
– Undue departure of your tenant
– Defaulting payments by your tenant
– Prevention of access
– Your premises are untenantable
– Legal expenses
The policy covers your premises against loss or damage resulting from:
? Deliberate and Intentional damage to the structure of the building by the tenant or their guests and visitors

The policy provides a general cover for all household goods up to $20,000 owned by you and used by the tenant and includes fixtures and fittings where they are not covered by building / body corporate insurance against loss from:
– Fire,explosion,lightning,thunderbolt and earthquake
– Theft,vandalism,riot and civil commotion
– Breakage of fixed glass- contents
– Storm and tempest
– Water damage, (including flood up to 5%)
– Impact damage
– Fusion
– Malicious damage by all persons, including tenants.

Other benefits of the cover is there is No Excess for Deliberate or Intentional damage by tenants or on Tenants default and only $50 excess on other contents claims.

The policy covers your Legal Liability up to $20,000,000 as a property owner for claims for bodily injury or property damage arising from your ownership of the rental property.

We are happy to arrange this cover through our office for $270.00 per annum which is a very competitive cost (equivalent to about one weeks rent) and is tax deductible.

For more information or to arrange a cover please email us at: